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It would be disingenuous to say that these are not politically motivated. The shock of 2016 still burns. Its result has, and continues to have, negative impacts on America's standing in the world, how we relate to fellow citizens, and the devolution of the Republican party.
This series arose from the abstraction found in glass blocks. Shot from the exterior of a building, they revealed patterns of distortion, creatures, cartoon characters, whatever the mind conjured. I photographed objects, then printed photographs, finally displaying images on a monitor mounted behind a glass block. To get distortions that worked, it was necessary to shoot at various angles, rendering the framing device of the block useless. Making the finished work appear to have been simply a straight on shot of the block with the image behind it required compositing. The distorted images were placed and modified fit the space.
The glass block composites in this series are the source for another series on the website called Menagerie of Miscreants.
Alan DerschowitzBetsy De VosBrett KavanaughChad WolfDavid Alfred Perdue Jr. R GADavid DukeDonald J TrumpDonald TrumpDonald TrumpDonald TrumpDonny and MarkEric PrinceEric TrumpEric TrumpEric TrumpIvanka TrumpJared KushnerJay SekulowJim Inhofe R OKJohn Bolton

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