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The Grid an Artist Statement:
People sometimes talk about living "off the grid", unconnected to electric and communication networks in common use in the U.S. A removal of oneself from the connected existence. Many do not fully disconnect, choosing instead to generate their own power locally and maintain data and phone connections through various means.
But what is the grid and what makes it worthy of photographic consideration? The electric grid is comprised of elements beginning with the generation of power and ending with its delivery at your home or place of work, power plants, transmission towers, utility poles, transformers, sub stations, fuses, the various devices used to connect and interconnect millions of miles of wire that bind us into the connected world.
In this collection of images This is meant to be an appreciation of objects that make up the electrical grid. These are utilitarian objects of function rather than form, but I believe they bear examination as art. They are designed for purpose and placed into our environment by humans. I contend that there is beauty to be found in contemplating these objects, and a conversation to be engaged regarding the building and use of of "The Grid"

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Keywords:electric, electrical, fuse, grid, power generation, substation, utilitarian, utility, wire

Grid CoverMisty SootyGaugeInsulators #1War of the Worlds #2War of the Worlds #3Substation #1In a RowJump the PoleWar of the Worlds #1OminousBear LeftSubstation #2Pole Jumping #2Recently Formed GridFancy Pole JumpingFusesSpanning the Distance3 ferOblique Angle