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2Days, 2 Posts

January 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

OK, this is not likely to continue, though I really should post more often. I got more good news today.

Some months ago I had sent a PDF to Lenswork Publishing. If you follow photography, and especially black & white photography, you may have some familiarity with Lenswork Magazine. It's one of the premiere photographic publications. On their Lenswork Online service, members have opportunities to access various resources. One of the things they do is publish members' PDFs. If you're not familiar with PDFs, they are like E-Books. The idea is to put out the one's the publishers think are among the best submitted.

All that to let you know how gratified I am that ESP was just added. If you are not a Lenswork member, you can access the PDF at this link.



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